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PM- Fully Enclosed Laser cutting machine

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Technical Data:

Model P3T & P4T
Working Area
3048mm*1524mm & 4000mm*2000mm
Laser Output Power
Effective Pipe Cutting Diameter
Φ20- Φ230mm
Effective Square Tube Cutting Diameter
Rectangular tube (Min. Edge Length)
Rectangular tube (Max. outer circle Diameter)
Effective Pipe Cutting Length
X/Y/U-axis positioning accuracy
X/Y/U-axis repositioning accuracy
X/Y-axis Max. linkage speed
U-axis max. moving speed


  • Two In one, Sheet & Tube laser cutting machine with full surrounding enclosed and double working platforms, capable of cutting both metal sheets and metal tubes.
  • Cast Iron Bed, Featuring good shock absorption, Cast Iron Bed keeps its shape all the way with the optimal mechanical property.
  • Automatic Nozzle Charge, The machine changes its nozzle within 35s at the fastest speed – this saves 50% of time costs.
  • Four-side Edge Searching, Higher Precision, Optimized edge searching method and guarantee higher cutting precision and better steadiness.
    Active Anti-collision Function, Effectively reduce the damage rate of laser heads, help you save maintenance costs.